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  /  Shaima Al Husseini

Shaima Al Husseini

Shaima is the CEO of the Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA). since 2019. Throughout this journey, Shaima has led the design and implementation of a mass participation strategy for KSA, which is aligned to Vision 2030. Throughout this journey, she contributed to increasing physical activity levels from 16% to 40%; overachieving the national targets for Vision 2030.

Prior to SFA, Shaima served as a higher-education academic faculty member in the Education Sector in Saudi Arabia, where she also established and managed the Social Responsibility Department at the Institute of Public Administration in Riyadh. During her time there, she created this new department, and trained more than 8,000 employees in charities and NGOs to enhance their skills through it. In addition, she contributed to the restructuring of 14 NGOs by creating new strategies for them.

As for social accolades, Shaima has participated in several thought-leadership panels and conferences that highlight the importance of creating inclusive programs e.g., UNESCO, UN, EXPO 2020, Women Leaders Global Forum, etc. Moreover, Shaima was recently appointed as Vice Chairman of the Arab Sports for All Federation and serves as a board member of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Academy, as well as a board member of the Saudi Golf Federation. Shaima holds an Executive MBA from the IMD Business School in Switzerland and a Master’s degree from Boston University.


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Building a healthy active population – the latest stats and priorities for Saudi Government.
Thursday 5th October 2023 11.30am