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  /  Naser Al Mansoori

Naser Al Mansoori

Naser Al Mansoori is the Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs & Communication at Daman. He guides the communications teams in the development of communication and marketing strategies, ensuring their alignment with both long and short-term corporate and business strategies.

Mr. Al Mansoori oversees the development of communications plan at Daman along with the calculated budget, timeline, and implementation tactics. He is also responsible for the seamless integration of internal and external communications, including stakeholder management.

Using his extensive experience in the communications sector, Mr. Al Mansoori enables Daman to assure strong brand positioning through highly effective internal and external public relations campaigns and initiatives. He has held communications leadership positions at a number of government and semi-government entities and companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Al Mansoori holds a Master of Arts in Communications & Strategic Public Relations from the Zayed University, United Arab Emirates, a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom and a Media Studies Diploma from Bellerby’s College Cambridge, United Kingdom.