Major players in the UAE sports industry will now have access to daily data on the performance of 30 sports markets around the world.

YouGovSportsIndex will provide governing bodies, teams, sponsors and others in the industry with up-to-date data.

The service has been announced by YouGov Sport (SMG Insight), which offers insights into global sports and entertainment.

The new data will not only show the size of a sport’s following but allow users profile that following and build a picture of the fanbase.

YouGovSportsIndex will also show the health of major sport markets and the performance of brands on a global scale.

Crucially, the data is collected on a daily basis, giving organisations in UAE’s sports industry a much stronger idea of how sports and brands are currently performing.

YouGov Sport (SMG Insight)’s founder and managing director, Frank Saez, explained: “Rightsholders and sponsors aren’t prepared to wait six months for an updated ‘tracker’ to identify an insight any more. SportsIndex gives users instant access to key data points that have, up to now, been missing from their decision-making armoury.”

YouGovSportsIndex will cover sporting events and competitions at both international and domestic levels.

Data from fans of events ranging from the UAE Arabian Gulf League to the FIFA World Cup will be included in the service.

“Access to this information will give marketers a genuine competitive advantage over their rivals,” Saez added.