A new digital platform, YOTHA, has launched to connect yacht owners and charterers across the world.

YOTHA enables people to negotiate charters directly with owners and create their own itinerary online, with more than 100 luxury yachts already listed on the platform.

The Monaco-based service was set up by luxury yacht owner Philippe Encou in 2016, and launches worldwide after a trial service last year.

“Our ambition is that our innovative new solution for chartering will improve the customer experience, offer new services and help attract new customers to luxury yachting,” he explained.

Encou hopes his new platform will shake up the industry and make it easier for luxury yacht owners to charter their yachts.

“It is an exciting time to be involved in the yacht charter industry and we hope to improve the experience for everyone involved in the industry: charterers, brokers, agents, captains, crews and owners,” he added.

The platform allows bespoke deals to be negotiated online, with or without the help of a broker, and presents itself as a cheaper alternative to traditional industry broker arrangements.

YOTHA hopes more yachts will be added to the platform in the coming months, and aims to expand out of its current focus on Mediterranean, Middle East and Asian markets by breaking into the US and Caribbean markets as well.