The world’s largest sports mall is set to open in Dubai, bringing together sporting facilities and entertainment.

The Sport Society is due to open in 2020 and will house various sporting events as well as sports retail space and numerous restaurants and cafes.

It also promises a nursery, spa and physiotherapy centre, and a large public screen where visitors will be able to watch international sports events.

The mall has been designed by Viva City, a Dubai-based development company.

Edgar Bove, head of design at Viva City, described the Sport Society as a new concept.

“The project will present big surprises both in design and activities, and will deliver a unique experience combining shopping, entertainment and sports,” he said.

The new mall is set to open in 2020

Spread over three floors, the Sport Society will have a total floorspace equivalent to 12 football pitches, making it the largest commercial sports mall in the world.

It will be located in the Mirdif neighbourhood, a 10-minute drive from Dubai International Airport.

The mall’s announcement comes amid Dubai’s increasing focus on community sports. As well as the Dubai Fitness Challenge, where the public are urged to complete 30 minutes of exercise for 30 consecutive days, the emirate has also explored ideas such as an app that collects sporting information from across Dubai.

The Sport Society mall fits within this vision by offering a community hub, where sports, retail and entertainment are combined in a single location.