Two of Dubai’s government departments are working together to make the emirate’s sport more child-friendly.

Dubai’s Community Development Authority has agreed to support the Dubai Sports Council in its educational projects for young people.

The two bodies plan to work together to increase participation in sport from Dubai’s young people and make sports clubs more welcoming to children.

Ahmed Abdulkarim Julfar, Director General of the Community Development Authority, said: “This is an agreement that will enable our children to practice and enjoy sports in a child-friendly, safe and secure environment.”

Dubai hosts over 400 sports events each year, and now a team of volunteers from the Community Development Authority will be on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Saeed Hareb is the Secretary General of the Dubai Sports Council and emphasized that the new partnership builds on the Council’s existing focus on both results and building a happy sporting community. The Council aims to create a healthier community through sport.

“For us, sports performance is inseparable from our culture and exemplary behavior that stems from our values and traditions, and our leadership’s approach,” he said.

“This is what we focus on, and the goals of the Council and the objectives of the CDA are the same.”

The Community Development Authority will also utilize its extensive experience of child protection to ensure that Dubai’s sports clubs are as family-friendly as possible.

Julfar added: “We are also working to expand the awareness of young people, who love sports, through volunteering opportunities, which will enable them to volunteer in areas they love and enjoy their time in the service of sporting events and programs.”

The two bodies confirmed their new partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding at the headquarters of the Dubai Sports Council on Tuesday.