UAE General Authority for Sports chairman Mohamed Khalfan Al Romaithi insists he will support any decision by UEFA to punish Manchester City if the club is found to have broken spending regulations.

Al-Romaithi has spoken in favour of financial fair play rules and the possibility of bringing them to Asia, where he has recently launched his bid for the AFC presidency.

Manchester City, owned by UAE deputy prime minister Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, is under investigation by UEFA after leaked documents suggested the club had broken the regulations, which were introduced to ensure clubs’ long-term sustainability.

“Manchester City is like any other club in Europe and, if they break rules, they will be punished like any other team,” Al Romaithi said, despite Sheikh Mansour’s ownership of the club.

The Premier League club, owned by Sheikh Mansour through the Abu Dhabi United Group, is under investigation for allegedly hiding investment in the club through sponsorship deals.

The allegations appeared in German magazine Der Spiegel based on leaked documents, and Al Romaithi did not comment on the allegations themselves.

The club faces a ban from the Champions League, which Al Romaithi believes is the correct course of action if they are found to have breached the rules.

“Any club that violates rules, any kinds of rules in UEFA, should get punishment,” he said. “But I hope Manchester City are… compliant with the rules.”

He also added his support for introducing similar financial fair play rules to the game in Asia, to avoid overspending by clubs and to ensure all clubs work within their budgets.