Abu Dhabi’s Al Ghazal Golf Club – one of the UAE’s last remaining sand courses – is to undergo a significant expansion.

The area will be transformed into a sport and adventure complex that will include a baseball practice range, a zip line, sand boarding, a skateboard park, and bike and jogging tracks.

“We have massive plans to develop the entire golf club,” Anthony Barbosa, operations manager, told The National. “I think guests will be happy. It’s a big change.

“We want to offer something unique and we can do that here. We want to keep the history and offer people new experiences. The development will be progressive.”

Al Ghazal Golf Club set for major transformation 2

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Al Ghazal already boasts tennis courts, a gym and a driving range – all of which will be refurbished – but the new development will also welcome a shooting and archery range, camel and horse trekking, and camping facilities.

Now run by TU Management, Al Ghazal will stay true to its roots and remain a sand course, according to TU chief executive Justin Dong-Jae Lee.

“It will stay sand but there will be more landscaping. There is a long history here,” Lee said.

Established by members of Abu Dhabi City Golf Club in 1997, Al Ghazal hosted the World Sand Golf Championship in 2004 and 2005.