The Sport Industry Forum Dubai brings together over 90 senior directors working in the business of UAE sport, from government, brands, federations, clubs, rights holders, event organisers and venues.

The theme of this year’s 7th edition is “Future Sponsorship”.

The continued growth of sport in the UAE relies on the ability to attract sponsorship, a willingness to invest and consistently delivering value across the board – to sponsors, rights holders, fans, participants and beyond.

So how do we as an industry encourage that investment, and importantly work together to achieve our sporting aims?

This is your exclusive opportunity to explore the sponsorship equation from a number of angles.

Hear from brands why they invest in a particular sport or property, and which marketing and business objectives they are working towards. Find out what they really want from rights holders and agencies, and how they prefer to work together to successfully activate their sponsorship.

Understand from rights holders how they are innovating and improving their properties, the changing content landscape and obstacles they face when working with multiple stakeholders in a unique market.


· Why do brands invest (and why don’t they)? Value vs. pricing, engagement, marketing, activation

· Top 3 things brands want to see from rights holders and agencies

· Top 3 things rights holders need from brands

· The growing role of technology in producing and distributing high-quality content

· Government’s role as a facilitator – how should they support the industry?

The next Sport Industry Forum Dubai will take place on
Wednesday 25 September 2019.

We hope you can join us!


Why are the Sport Industry Forums so valuable?

  1. The Sport Industry Forums gather key stakeholders in the UAE to learn from each other, effect change in the industry and drive new initiatives in sport
  2. The forums are for senior professionals only, director level and above. Seniority of attendees is guaranteed
  3. The audience is capped at 100 decision makers in sport business. Guests are attending through invitation only
  4. We do not invite media to attend to encourage open and honest discussion
  5. Our Sport Industry Forum Working Groups meet between forums to address a key challenge discussed at the Forum and implement tangible, coordinated solutions

Who will attend?

Senior directors working in sport, health, fitness and physical activity from:

  • Government
  • Federations and clubs
  • Rights holders
  • Brands
  • Event organisers
  • Venues
  • Agencies