The Adek community schools project has already offered opportunities to more than 50,000 parents and students.

Adek (Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge) provides 25 programs covering different sports, culture, technology, science and health activities.

The Adek community programs include swimming sessions, English, IT courses, art workshops, student tutoring classes, football, basketball, aquatic exercises/workouts, aerobics, science workshops, self-defence training, gymnastics, poetry and theatrical performances, health awareness, social counseling lectures and other activities.

Nasser Khamis, Adek’s Extracurricular Activities Section Manager, said: “The community schools initiative provides students and the community with various activities to enhance student and parent engagement in school programs, while promoting social, sports, cultural and scientific programs amongs the community,”

Adek announced last month that it had joined forces with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council to offer a comprehensive range of extra-curricular sporting activities to children and their families at the emirate’s community schools.

The two government agencies vowed to implement a new community schools initiative to promote sports and physical fitness among the children of Abu Dhabi.