The meeting place for heads of sport’s governing bodies


  • Executives from football authorities (FA, league, clubs) – UAE & Saudi Arabia
  • Sports federation heads


Join Richard Scudamore during this one-of-a-kind sport business roundtable for governing bodies – including football authorities, sports federations and clubs.
Richard will share his formula for success over his 20 years of working as Executive Chairman and Chief Executive of the Premier League, answering questions including:

  • Which football stakeholders are the priority – the FA, league, clubs, broadcasters, sponsors or fans and why?
  • What is the one question you and your staff should ask yourselves at the end of each day to ensure you are adding real value to your sport?
  • No entity can achieve success alone – so how do you build an environment of coworking to grow your sport?
  • How is financial growth achieved across all levels?
  • Which new technologies must you embrace to ensure innovation and remain competitive?


  • 10.30 Introductions

  • 10.35 Moderated discussion with Hamed Al Harthi, Abu Dhabi Sports TV presenter

  • 11.00 Coffee and Refreshments

  • 11.15 Informal Group Discussion

  • 12.00 End

About Richard Scudamore CBE

Former Executive Chairman & Chief Executive, Premier League

From 1999 until the start of 2019, Richard Scudamore was the Chief Executive and then Executive Chairman of the Premier League, the most watched football league in the world. During this period he was accountable to the club owners for all elements of the league’s operations including regulatory, legal and  political matters, and the sale of broadcasting and central commercial rights across 225 international markets.


Under his leadership the organisation used the strong platform provided by its 20 Member Clubs to successfully increase interest in the competition, grow revenues in the UK and internationally, and invest in and support football development at all levels of the sport.

During his time at the Premier League, Richard was a Founding Trustee of the Football Foundation – a charity funded by the Premier League, The FA, and the UK Government which has installed or improved over 3,000 community sports facilities across the UK. He was Chairman of the World League’s Forum and co-chaired the UK Government’s Sports Business Council. Before joining the Premier League, Richard was Chief Executive of the Football League. Prior to that, Richard was Senior Vice-President of the Thomson Corporation, responsible for their US newspaper publishing division. He is married to Catherine and has five children: they all support Bristol City FC.

Richard currently sits on the advisory board of The Ryder Cup and provides strategic advice to MLB and the Australian Professional Football Clubs Association. In December 2018, he was awarded a CBE by Her Majesty the Queen for services to football.