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  /  Melissa Moncado
Melissa Mancado_Sport Industry Forum 2024 Abu Dhabi

Melissa Moncado

Melissa Moncada is a visionary dreamer and catalyst for positive change in the business community, driven by a passion for well-being and transformation. Beginning with startups in the fitness and beauty industry, Melissa founded the ‘Colnago Women’s Team,’ Colombia’s first continental female cycling team, achieving historic victories and inspiring women to dream without boundaries.

Currently, she is the Executive Vice-Chairwoman of Colnago, leading the brand’s renaissance, and serves as Head of Team for UAE Team ADQ, the Emirati’s first female cycling team.

Melissa aims to inspire the UAE community to embrace cycling for enhanced well-being and to position the UAE as a global wellness hub.

Additionally, she leads Aurora Rise Group, a Wellness Private Investment group in Abu Dhabi, dedicated to promoting holistic well-being through Movement, Nutrition, and Connection.